Kourtney Cannon

Commission Artist and Live Event Painter

Local to Jupiter Florida, I live with my husband, 3 little girls, 3 dogs, and 2 cats!

I create these fun little artworks in between little dirt lane walks, lots of spilled sippy cups, wiping puppy paws, and seashore swims! The girls help me pick the colors and we mix them and play all day!

All the imperfections of life are mixed right into the brush strokes, and the masterpieces take a very organic and fun form! Set in whimsy with a dash of impressionism, I like to call these creation fun and light hearted!

Live Event Painting

Contact us to check date availability!

We paint near and far, check out package pricing currently on KourtneyCannon.com under Live Event Painting


Comission Art

Commission Art

Custom pieces based on your fun ideas! Sizes, materials, and painting details can all be customized and will vary in pricing


I appreciate you!

Thank you for supporting this fun little side hustle!

A little history!

I was a wedding planner for years...! After some family health complications and moving, art became a pass time in and out of the hospital all while being a new mama and navigating motherhood! Little did I know when receiving a watercolor palette that God would transform the scribbles into a path of commission art and live event painting. so here we are, learning, growing, creating And! I would never be here without all of your support! So I thank you for all the the fun requests and art purchases! You keep pushing me forward, when I humbly would have thrown in the towel long ago!

Thank you!